ARE YOU LOSING MONEY?  The answer is probably yes if you are not spending just a few minutes a week entering your business receipts into your bookkeeping software. If you are like me, maybe you have entering your receipts on your to do list but it’s way at the bottom of the list and keeps getting pushed back until tomorrow. Those receipts can sit in your receipt shoebox just a few more days right? Well they can, but what about the supplies you ordered online that you will forget about a month from now. Or the receipt from the post office at the bottom of your purse that will accidentally be trashed? Those forgotten receipts will add up quickly over the year and mean lost expenses on your tax return, which means you just lost money. I’ve learned the hard way, waiting until Tax Time to do your bookkeeping is not a good idea and means you are probably losing money.

The solution? Set aside 5 minutes a week and enter your receipts from that week into your bookkeeping software. Then file those receipts away, and at Tax Time you will be stress free because you can simply print your Income Statement from your bookkeeping software for your CPA and you are done! 5 MINUTES A WEEK CAN SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!

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